About me

Jam Jamiro is an Italian Dj and music producer who lives and grew up in Switzerland. 

He grew up surrounded by music since his father was a known radio DJ.

At the age of 13 his wish was to receive two turntables, a mixer and a moped. Obviously, his parents told him that he’s only aloud to choose one gift. Unlike most children he chose the turntables and the mixer to fulfill his dream of becoming a dj. 

Jamiro practiced meticulously every day to improve his vinyl techniques. Suddenly even famous Swiss DJs became aware of Jamiro, because of the fact that he played with vinyl at such a young age and remained true to his music style Soulful House and Classic House. 

His favorite music styles are from the following labels: 

Soulfuric, Peppermint Jam, Nervous Records, Strictly Rhytm, Soul Love, Defected, 4 to the Floor, Positiva, Fluential, Subliminal, Soulfuric Deep, Distance Records, Purple Music and many more! 

From the age of 14, Jamiro got the opportunity to play live in front of an audience in the Arena Rheineck for the first time. From then on other promoters started to take notice of him. 

After this act, Jam Jamiro played in clubs like the Loft in Lucerne, Wankdorf in Bern or Platins in Zurich. He was supported by Dj’s like Juan Sunshine, Marc One and Silas & Playa. This young dj was still in school and already played in renowned Swiss nightclubs. 

At the age of 16, Jamiro got a residency at the Sein Lounge in Wil St. Gallen, where he played his Soulful and Funky Vinyls once a month for 6 hours on weekends. 

Jamiro only played vinyl for a total of 8 years until he wanted to develop himself further and therefore started with Cdjs. 

Jamiro's sets are now unique, as he brings together various musical styles in his performances. 

He’s received support from numerous international house scene giants like: Low Steppa, Sam Divine, Angelo Ferreri, Scott Diaz, Jay Vegas, Roog, Drop 2 Jump and many more. 

Those who have heard Jamiro live, know that groovy house beats will always be present, as well as soulful vocals, straight tech house and chorusy garage beats. As a dj, he doesn't play what people expect, but what fits the mood and what the audience doesn't expect. This success has been proven since the beginning of his career. 

The international Dj has been playing in a diversity of countries and could convince the audience with his uniqueness. 

Jam Jamiro even has 2 residencies at radio stations. One of them is the Chill Lover Radio from New York (US) and the other one is Radio Deep from Lucerne (CH). Listening to these stations you will hear his sets once a month. 

After 10 years of being a Dj, Jamiro had the need to challenge himself more, so he decided to start producing music. Since then his focus is mainly on music production. 

His production style reflects his Dj sets. Jamiro produces House, Deep House, Tech House, Soulful House and Garage. 

Jamiro has already released tracks with Moscow House Label True Deep. He is also collaborating with The Voice of Germany singer Bianca Böhme. The song is expected to be available on all major platforms by summer 2020